West Side Gymnastics School

West Side Is The Best Side

 Prices For Our Classes

        Tuition Per Month 
 4 classes per month (once a week)
 8 classes per month (twice a week) 
 Unlimited (three or more per week)

 45 minutes        60 minutes             90 minutes
Toddler   Preschool  Beginner Girls              One Day A Week (Price per month)
     $69                  $76                      $87  

        Two Days A Week(Price per month)
     $100               $124                    $142
       Unlimited classes(Price per month)                 
        X                  $154                    $172

                Advance Girls -90 Minutes

              1 Day               2 Days                   
               $87                  $142  
                 Prices are per Month                    
          Boys Ninja Gymnastics-60 minute
     1 Day     2 Days      Unlimited Classes 
        $76        $124               $154                                            

                     Tumbling Class-60 minutes
                 1 Day                            $76
                 2 Days                          $124

All Prices Are Per Month

West Side Payment Policy- Always confirm prices on the phone.

1.  Payments are due the 1st class of each month.

2.  Check, Money Order, or Cash is accepted

3.  Family discounts are given.

4.  Monthly tuition=1 day a week for four classes per month.

5.  Monthly tuition=2 days a week or 8 classes per month.

6. Monthly tuition=3 days a week or more for unlimited classes.


Make Up Policy

1.  We provide make ups for missed classes.

2.   Gymnasts must make up within a one month period.  

3.   No carry overs from summer.

4.  Missed classes are not deducted from the monthly tuition.


1.  Cash or Check