West Side Gymnastics School

West Side Is The Best Side

                            Teaching Children Is Our Specialty  

Preschool Classes

3yrs.-5yrs old.

This level is co-ed.

This class is 60 Minutes

West Side prides itself in our approach to teaching this age group.  We challenge them with exciting events and goals in each class.  Our goal in each class is for the gymnast to have alot of fun.  They are always excited in their class because of the high level of enthusiasm of each teacher.  We believe learning at this age comes from the children enjoying their teachers and realizing that the sport of gymnastics is very fun.  We understand that our preschool class may be the first organized learning environment that the student has had.  So, we are always teaching the children the characteristics of a good student.  We focus on the childrens watching, listening and participating skills.

Our motto,

Teaching children is our specialty.





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