West Side Gymnastics School

West Side Is The Best Side

Sorry No 

Birthday Parties or Ninja Gymnastics Parties

Until End of September

Birthday Parties

You have not had a birthday party

until you have a West Side party.



Saturday 1:00-2:30pm      


Sunday   12:00-1:30pm 



1-10 Children  =$145.00

11-15 Children= $155.00

16-20 Children= $165.00

21-25 Children= $175.00

26-30 Children= $185.00

31-35 Children =$210.00

Information You Should Now. 

1.  We accept Checks and Cash for payment.

2.  Full payment is made in advance of the party.

3. Your party is confirmed upon payment. We will call you.


What takes Place?

The gym party is a one hour activity.

This time centers around basic gymnastics

and fun skills which are geared towards the non-gymnast.

The skills are meant to be challenging and enjoyable.

Activities can include relay races, pit races, parachute fun,

trampoline turns, and obstacle course contests.



              Its pretty cool!

     You have to see it.


            Party Area

After the gym time, there is a party area

where refreshments and presents can be served.

This portion of the party lasts 1/2 hour.

The party corner can be decorated any way you like.

We supply table, chairs, and table cloths.

We have a refrigerator to hold ice cream and beverages.

Parties will be coming in after your party so please clean up and adhere to your scheduled time.  We thank you in advance.

       Party Away!!

     Call the gym for dates and times.

     Ask For An Information Packet.

             Dates fill up very fast.


                 Ask For Debbie






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