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Ages 6 And Up

This is a 90 Minute Class

In this level we have specific goals that we strive for each class.  We emphasize positive reinforcement and continue to promote learning.  We have lesson plans that guide our classes each week.  We provide ,in-school fun, and every one wins, competitions about three times a year. These competitions are voluntary. We have a great Christmas Recital and an end of the year Trophy Meet.  Everyone wins a trophy.  Each week the gymnasts rotate to three or four events.  Teachers spot most skills and supervise all learning.  All new students are evaluated in the beginner level. 

Advanced Class

90 minute classes.

This level is a continuation of the beginner classes.  The focus is on improving on skills learned from the beginner class.  Also there will be 15-20 new skills introduced at this level.  Strength  and flexibility will be focused on in each class. 


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