West Side Gymnastics School

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Beginner Boys Classes

Ages 6 and Up

This is a 60 minute class

Our goal for this level is to promote fitness and strength.  Also, we want to teach the fundamentals of sport.  We want the boys to learn gymnastics skills that can carry over to other sports.  Each class we strive to accomplish specific goals by presenting them in a fun and enjoyable way.

This level has three voluntary fun competitions a year.  We have a Christmas Recital that is pretty cool at the end of the year.  The boys can participate in a Trophy Meet.  Each gymnast wins a trophy.

Over the years we have had many boys continue their gymnastics right into college.  This always is an option for the serious minded gymnast.

We have a team level for boys who want to focus on the competitive part of the sport.  Let us know your interest. 













Pommel Horse Montage




Sean Hohm Hibar Routine West Side Gymnast


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